Our entire company started with our All Roads Original Lemonade which has its roots in a family recipe from the late 1800's. Our great grandma made it every summer as a delcious treat and was the envy of the neighbourhood. We started selling it by the glass a few years ago at our small roadside grill, and quickly became known as the lemonade girls.   Our other delicious flavours of lemonade and cold teas are a labour of love, which we've carefully crafted for everyone's enjoyment.

Our grandmother, who stands proudly on our labels (hitchhiking home from working in the vegetable fields in the Holland Marsh early 1930's), was the inspiration for our name.  Doris was born in Holland Landing, Ontario then moved to Guelph, Ontario to work and raise her children. She was a strong and adventurous woman who always enjoyed life to its fullest. We are very proud to have her represent our products, and know that she would be proud of us and our handcrafted beverages.


Hitchhiker Company consists of a mother and daughter team; Leanne and Brooke.  We hope to always follow grandma’s advice to live life to its fullest and, in turn, hope to inspire others to be creative and "Detour From the Ordinary”.