We’ve carefully handcrafted seven flavours of lemonade to stimulate your palate and refresh your soul. Completely all natural and made with only the finest ingredients, our lemonades have been crafted with everyone in mind… from the young to the young at heart.

There is nothing better than a bit of nostalgia and to enjoy a delicious crafted Canadian beverage.  Serve ice cold, piping hot or use as a base to make an alcoholic cocktail or mocktail.  Don’t forget to give them a shake before you enjoy! 


Live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment, and always remember to "Detour From the Ordinary"!


The lemonade that started it all! Our All Roads Original Lemonade has its roots in a family recipe from the late 1800's, that we've carefully refined over the years to make it our own.  It’s a refreshing and somewhat creamy lemonade, with a careful balance of sweet and citrus that is absolutely like no other!  


We believe that you should always put miles on your soul and have great stories to tell. The combination of mango together with our handcrafted lemonade creates a rich, luscious taste that will drift you off to a tropical paradise. A vacation for your soul!


Sometimes it’s great to just be the passenger! Sit back, relax and take in all the sites with no worries. This flavour represents just that; a relaxing mix of our handcrafted lemonade with the smooth flavour of pomegranate.  Adventure and rejuvenation - what a combination!


Once in while it’s nice to just get off the beaten path and take the back roads. Whatever your mode of transportation take your time, breathe deeply, soak up the sun, play your favourite music, smell the air, and listen to nature. Our Back Road Raspberry Lemonade will refresh your soul and enlighten your senses. Made from real raspberries and lemons that have been soaking up the sun and dancing in the rain.​


This flavour is going to be legendary!  With an Asian twist and a hint of ginger, its subtle, citrus taste is sure to become a hit.  It is simply refreshing and wonderfully aromatic. This lemonade will be sure to bring out your inner hippie!




There is nothing better than sitting on a front porch with people you love, enjoying life, sipping on a delicious peach lemonade. This flavour is so fresh tasting that you will think it's August in Niagara or peach season in Georgia.


Named after our very own Brooke (yes she has strawberry blonde hair). When Brooke was little, her favourite activity was strawberry picking. Oh, the memories! Sitting in the patch with her little basket, the warm sun shining, eating those fresh, delicious berries. Our strawberry lemonade will take you right back to the patch!

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