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Hop in, buckle up and enjoy the refreshing Hitchhiker ride!


Behind the wheel, Leanne and Brooke – the owners of Hitchhiker Beverage Company. The 1930s Hitchhiker is our then, 17 year old grandmother, Doris.

Doris fearlessly hit the open road, thumb out, usually with a thermos full of her treasured lemonade, excited to share with her new friendships of the moment. Swapping life stories over a sip of her delicious lemonade turned into amazing adventures. Hopping rides got her places and kept a smile deep within her soul.

Hitchhiking nowadays is really just a metaphor for living your best life and keeping the spirit of the curious, adventurous, lifestyle going. Want to become an Official Hitchhiker? Click here for more details.

Detour From the Ordinary and enjoy our delicious lemonade and cold tea!

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