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Nowadays, Hitchhiking is really just a metaphor for a life well-lived, and to keep the spirit of the curious and adventurous lifestyle going. Our "Crafted for Canadian Life - Hitchhiker Collector Patches" are an amazing way to show that you enjoy the Hitchhiker Lifestyle and, of course, Hitchhiker beverages. 

Become an Official Hitchhiker with your first patch, and continue to collect! We will be offering several collections: some always available and some limited time/quantity special edition patches. We made these patches to be a fun hobby that everyone can afford and enjoy. They're priced at cost plus shipping, and we'll never collect your personal information or direct market to you. 

If you happen to be at the right place at the right time, you may just get one for free! Some of our promotions will include a patch, and our Hitchhikers are always out there giving them away at random. If you see our branded van and it's safe to approach, ask for a patch, and if we spot you displaying or posting about our patches you may just win a prize! Tag us or use the hashtag #officialhitchhiker in your post for us to find you!

Check back in late April to start collecting and displaying your patches. We can't wait to see your adventures and creativity!


Artist Spotlight

Hi! I’m Olivia, and I’m a recent graduate from the Image Arts program at Ryerson University. I now operate as a graphic designer out of Toronto, ON. I would describe my art style as whimsical; I love utilizing lots of colour and imagining outlandish things. I love working with Hitchhiker Beverage Co. because I truly believe in their message and what they stand for. For business inquiries, please email me at, I’m always excited for the chance to make art for someone.

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